At Hunter Media Group, we are very proud to reveal the people that we do and have done custom work for.  All of our customers are fully satisfied, serviced most excellently, and we won't even mention our prices.  We take pride in fulfilling the needs of our clients by designing creative, functional, and intuitive websites that are well organized and easy to navigate.  Take a look at a few examples of our client portfolio. (Currently Under Development)
San Jose, CA

High-Speed Hosting for Your High-Bandwidth Needs. offers high-speed hosting solutions for graphics and multi-media content that is too big for your own connection.  With competitive pricing and high-end service, is set to meet all of your high-bandwidth needs.
Santa Barbara, CA is your server to the world.  They offer free e-mail, domains, multi-homed metasearch, news, games and more.  If you are looking for the best portal on earth, be sure to check out  This one is destined to become an Internet icon.

Intranet Example
Tempe, AZ

This particular intranet design was made for a company based out of Tempe, AZ.  Their intranet uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 as their web client and Microsoft Internet Information Server 4 as their web server.  Design considerations were made to ensure best compatibility with their software.  They also allowed no Java/Scripts/SSI and required that each HTML transaction was under 40k including graphics to keep network resources free.

Catherine Lee Neifing Designs
Shell Beach, CA

Catherine Lee needed a website that would reflect her artistic style, yet load quickly enough that a passerby would not be frightened away by excessive load times.  A website that would exhibit her art and attract new clients.  Through the effective use of tables, graphics, and a large dose of her original artwork we accomplished this task to the fullest extent.

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